Trust God

April 2, 2014

Have you seen people on talk shows, or have you known someone, who just won’t trust their mate even though their mate has done nothing to deserve such treatment? The mate can get so frustrated that they finally just move on out of the relationship.

It makes me think of how ancient Israel just would not trust God even after all the miracles they had witnessed Him do and after He had provided for them over and over and over again.

How must God feel about us when we doubt that He can give us the Kingdom; when we doubt He is leading us in the way we should go, just because we have trials and problems?

Could He get so frustrated with us that He might consider just leaving the relationship?

I don’t want to frustrate God by not trusting what He allows in my life.

Can we get to the point that we so totally trust Him that we can thank Him for the trials that mold us into the types of vessels that He wants?

–Mary Jo Jackson

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