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Trust in Relationships

Sunday, May 4, 2014 I’ve been thinking for a while that many if not most people seem to think that God gave us a physical life that has no meaning or connection to the spiritual life we are seeking. Like children in school who just can’t see how they’ll ever use the “random” (to them) […]

Trust God

April 2, 2014 Have you seen people on talk shows, or have you known someone, who just won’t trust their mate even though their mate has done nothing to deserve such treatment? The mate can get so frustrated that they finally just move on out of the relationship. It makes me think of how ancient […]

Keeping a Clean House

March 24, 2014 I knew a very lovely lady who kept a spotless home, but when she started having trouble with her car, I asked when she had given it a tune up or had the oil changed. She hadn’t done either one even though she had had the car for years. That stuck in […]

The Blue Copper

March 17, 2014 Springtime in Gravette, Arkansas, is welcomed by a variety of butterflies. Last year in one particular area of our yard I could walk by and a flurry of tiny, bright blue butterflies would flash their blue wings and then seem to disappear. I grabbed my camera to try to get pictures, but […]

Advice From the Cleaning Lady

March 13, 2014 I used to have a small cleaning business in Memphis. I had learned a lot about cleaning from my mom and from cleaning my own house, but I learned a lot more once I started cleaning for other people. 1) You start from the top and go down. If you don’t, you […]

Love Song or Sirens’ Song

March 9, 2014 There are two types of messages available to all Christians.  To which one are you tuned?  Do you see the glitter and glamour of entertaining churches and all that they offer or the simplicity of the truth of God that is changeless and timeless through the ages? The Holy Bible is God’s […]

The Dress

March 3, 2014 A parable for today She searched and searched in the closet and just could not find the white linen dress. She pulled everything out of the closet and just piled them on the bed.  “I know it is in there, I just saw it a few days ago!” She finally realized she […]


February 2, 2014 We received 3.8 inches of snow today.  Normally just snow would not be too treacherous, but for a tour bus in the Bentonville and Cave Springs area, it became a huge inconvenience. The Florida State University’s track team’s tour bus slid off the road into a ditch on Highway 112 and Gator […]

Beware of Wolves!

January 23, 2014 I live in Gravette, Arkansas, about 20 miles from where we meet for church services in Cave Springs, so much of my attachment to “goings on” relates to my local community. I subscribe to the Westside Eagle Observer, a newspaper serving western Benton County, to keep up with area news and activities. […]