Keeping a Clean House

March 24, 2014

Holy BibleI knew a very lovely lady who kept a spotless home, but when she started having trouble with her car, I asked when she had given it a tune up or had the oil changed. She hadn’t done either one even though she had had the car for years.

That stuck in my mind because my family has many mechanics and I had learned about the maintenance that is necessary for a vehicle from them. Do you remember the ad for Fram oil filters that said,” You can pay me now or pay me later”? This makes me think about people who won’t obey God being like the ones who ignore their manufacturer’s recommended care of their vehicle. They don’t do regular maintenance and ignore the ‘check engine’ light. Both are headed for major trouble.

We must go to our owner’s manual to learn how to take care of our cars, but most importantly, we must go to our Owner’s manual, the Bible, to learn how to properly maintain our lives.

–Mary Jo Jackson

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