Love Song or Sirens’ Song

March 9, 2014

There are two types of messages available to all Christians.  To which one are you tuned?  Do you see the glitter and glamour of entertaining churches and all that they offer or the simplicity of the truth of God that is changeless and timeless through the ages?

The Holy Bible is God’s love song to us.  He is preparing a bride whom he loves deeply to be at his royal wedding supper.  He does not want just anyone, come as you are, nothing needed from you but to show up.  He wants a royal priesthood and a bride who is as eager for the wedding as he is.

On the other hand, there is another song; another message, a siren’s song.  In Homer’s Odyssey, the sirens sing a song that is so irresistible that you cannot hear it and then escape.  Odysseus is warned of the danger by Circe and told to avoid it. He must plug up his sailor’s ears with beeswax, and if he wants to hear the song he will need to be tied to the mast to keep him from jumping overboard and dying with all the others whose bones are scattered around the beautiful sirens.

The siren’s song of Satan is “Come as you are, all has been done for you, and as long as you have love in your heart that is all that is required.” It is a song that is irresistible to man without the help of God to make you see that what they teach is an empty grace.  It is hollow and full of promises that will not take place.  You do not go to heaven when you die.  There is no secret rapture. You cannot go before God in rags and just as you are. You cannot devise in your heart how to worship Him. The world’s song is that you can worship God any way you please.  That song says you can look at how the rest of the world has worshiped down through time and incorporate it into worship of God. It is a song that leads to death. He is royalty on a level we cannot even comprehend, but even with this world’s royalty how close would you get without proper preparation?

God’s song tells us we cannot find light in darkness.

The world around us is full of carcasses and bones of those who have fallen by the wayside and listened to the wrong song.  We are a world headed for destruction because no one is listening to the love song of God.  His love song says: “Come out of her my people and be not partaker of her sins lest you also receive for yourself her plagues.”  His love song says: “Why would you die?” He has the authority, as Creator, to tell you how he wants to be worshiped, and he does not want the same worship that the pagans give to their gods.  It is fornication to him. They have even sacrificed their children to their gods in the past.  It is an abomination; you cannot sanitize it and make it good.

The song of the world is enticing and glittery and all encompassing.  You are welcomed into churches with open arms. It is filled with pageantry and celebrations and music to distract you. Like the sirens, it leads to utter destruction and separation from the love song of God.

The song of eternal life is filled with trials and tribulations, and it reveals a narrow way. At times you have to go it alone, apart from the rest of humanity, because no one else can walk it for you. God did not promise that it would be easy; instead, he warned that it would be very hard.  Christ was crucified for it.  He has promised never to leave us or forsake us.  He has promised that the journey would be more than worth it.

The Lamb is a bridegroom eagerly waiting for a bride who is clothed in linen white and clean. He wants his bride to show her love for him as much as he has shown his love- in that he died for her. It ends with marriage and a bride who has made herself ready.  It ends with an eternity of basking in the love of the Bridegroom, who showed his love to us while we were still incapable of showing love.  He had to pull us close and teach us his love song.

To which song will you listen?

–Kathy Sanny

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