Could Mainstream Religion Be Part of the Problem?

September 15, 2014

We uphold the Ten Commandments and the entire Bible as the truth of God. How many churches do you hear say these very words?

Really? Santa – -Easter Bunny — Cupid – Immortal Soul –Trinity — How do these hold up in the light of the truth of the Bible?

More and more young people are seeing Christianity as just a continuance of ancient pagan religions.

Unless you are willing to stand up and say you will have no part and parcel with these ancient practices that ARE NOT FOUND IN THE WORSHIP BY GOD’S PEOPLE IN THE BIBLE, then you are part of the problem.

Yes, there was a baby born and placed in a manger. Yes, He came to be the Savior of all mankind. Yes, the wise men came to see this young child and bring Him gifts. No, it was not on December 25th — the ancient accepted date of the birth of Mithras. No, it was never a time of celebration in the New Testament Church, but rather a time of celebration of those non-Christians around them. No, men cannot take a day and make it holy; only God decides what is holy time.

Have you ever thought that when you lie to children from a very young age about Santa and a bunny that lays eggs, you are setting them up to question all of it? That seems to be the reality of our day and time.

People don’t have to claim Christianity to celebrate Christmas – it is mostly secular anyway. Churches have tried for over 100 years to incorporate it into religious services and make “Jesus the reason for the season”, but He never was a part of this celebration that pre-dates Christianity. It comes from traditions that God told Israel over and over to stay away and warned them not to raise up pagan children. You don’t have to dig too deep to find that the religious founders of our country tried to ban it. It was a raucous revelry that they saw as pagan. Slowly, just as happened in ancient Israel, it has become accepted and sanitized as a holy night — a holy celebration.

Our youth are not stupid. Many are turning to outright pagan traditions that they see as very similar to what they have been taught in church, but as more honest. They do not have to try to live a double standard, but can openly be pagan. It is old and familiar, and Yule is not too different from what they were raised doing.

Christmas was accepted in churches as a means to bring people to Christ. The churches were losing ground to this tradition, and a concerted effort was made to make it mainstream, and tone it down from the wild revelry for which it had been known. Maybe when the places that were supposed to be holy worship buildings opened their doors to this celebration, they ceased to be a place to worship the holy God and became a place to worship Mithras? Have you ever questioned that? Our youth have.

Easter-even the name harkens to paganism. Eostre –Ishstar- all pronounced the same – was an ancient pagan fertility goddess, hence the eggs and rabbits, symbols of regeneration and sex. It has taken the place of the Passover ceremony Christ instituted under the new covenant. Most mainstream Christians don’t even know what Passover is, or, if they have heard of it, they see it as Jewish. If they do it at all, they usually call it communion and decide on their own when they will initiate it, rather than have it as a yearly memorial as Christ said to do. You can weave fairytales around it all day long to try to tie Easter traditions into the death and resurrection of Christ, but the inquiring minds of our youth do not have to look far to see that Ishtar and her celebrations were remarkably the same.

Valentine’s Day and Cupid. Only the Catholic faith tries to make this day holy, but all other mainstream churches sanitize it and participate in it. Cupid was an ancient god of love that ran around on this day creating havoc. If shot by his arrow, you would fall in love with the first thing you saw and stay under that spell for the day. What a bunch of rubbish that we would try to make that a part of our lives in these modern times.

How honest with yourself are you about the paganism that has crept in and taken over mainstream religion? If you are in denial, the thought that you are practicing paganism will make you angry. If you are truly seeking the true Christianity that Christ and the apostles brought, you will be ashamed that you have continued in this deception.

Do you want God to bless America again? Then put away your idols and idolatrous worship. God cannot and will not bless a country that wholeheartedly seeks after other gods. Fewer than 10% of our peoples reject these holidays and see them for what they really are — paganism with a cloak of Christianity to hide the evil. These practices have been celebrated since long before Christ came to earth, and we see a generation now rejecting Christianity for that very reason.

For the shepherds have become dull-hearted,
And have not sought the LORD;
Therefore they shall not prosper,
And all their flocks shall be scattered.

I won’t get into the other pagan practices that are commonly accepted, such as the immortal soul or the doctrine of the Trinity, but we have booklets that cover these issues in depth. ‘What Happens After Death?’ and ‘Is God a Trinity?’ are free for the asking, or you can download them online. You may also want to read ‘Holidays or Holy Days’ to see what days God did set apart as holy.

~Kathy Sanny

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