Member Interview: Meet Victoria

Being introduced is Victoria, a member of UCG-NWA who recently relocated from Missouri to Northwest Arkansas.

Interviewer: Victoria, tell us a little about yourself.
Victoria: I was born in 1949 in Durango, Colorado. I spent my childhood years living in Colorado, Texas, Montana, Utah, Wyoming and several states in between. I moved to Arkansas in 1967 where I met Lonnie. We married in 1968. I was baptized in 1979. Our last move will be to retire in Bella Vista, Arkansas. I’ve worked many different jobs. At one point we were partners in a greenhouse/landscaping business. I developed a huge love for tropical plants and have many in our home; I also collect cookbooks. I enjoy having brethren over for good food, good coffee/tea and good conversation.

Interviewer: What do you think has been the most important lesson you’ve learned in life?
Victoria: The power of prayer. I am still learning how important our relationship is with our Father. Our example is Jesus Christ. He spent hours each day in prayer to the Father. If he had that need, how much more should I?

Interviewer: What has been your biggest trial and how has God worked it out?
Victoria: Relying on my own ability to solve my problems. It seems more and more with the health trial I continue to have, God is able to affect greater spiritual growth through these trials. To understand this spiritual growth is paramount even over our physical needs is only possible with God’s help.

Interviewer: Please tell us your story about how you came to be in the Church and how it has changed your life.
Victoria: From a young child I remember my Mother listening to the ‘World Tomorrow’ radio program. After several years of marriage and several severe trials, God began to show me I needed Him in my life. All I knew of God was what I remembered hearing on the radio when I was a child. It was easy to find Mr. Armstrong on the radio back in 1972 and I began to listen. God was patient and merciful and in 1979 I was baptized. I now know without God in my life, I would not have life.

Interviewer: What is your favorite scripture and why?
Victoria: Romans:12:16 is one of many favorites. This one is special in that it keeps me striving daily to seek the heart and mind of Jesus Christ. Without this, God will not give us eternal life; quite a serious admonition.

Interviewer: What is your best Church memory?
Our very first Feast of Tabernacles at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri in 1979. We were in awe of the over 12,000 brethren that God had called. Every day we would arrive early and park on the front row of the parking lot so we could watch as brethren arrived and walked up to the tabernacle.

Interviewer: Please share with us something you believe important for our benefit.
Victoria: That each one of us sincerely seek a closer relationship with our Father and Jesus Christ in our daily prayer, study and actions; praying for the end of this evil world to come soon and praying for God’s Kingdom to come. Return to “About” Page…

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