A Poem for Thanksgiving!

November 4, 2015

A Thanksgiving Prayer

A Prayer of Thanksgiving - Psalm 92So strangely wonderful is this day
Given a value by us all.
In such a noble and humbling way
To honor the Great amidst we small.

A land borne of ideal
Having no chance, it did seem.
But with strong will of steel
We were by God to redeem.

Not about the bird,
Not about the big game,
Not even fam’ly,
But Him of glorious fame.

A day made only by us,
But unlike others made by the same,
Its design is simply thus,
to honor Your pure and holy name.

We dare not sacred claim the day,
for only You can deem so.
But promised You Abra’m a way
Your blessings to us would flow.

Though holy is not the day,
Nor the fun, the friends, the fowl, or the fam’ly,
In humble and childlike way
To You, sacred, we pray in thanks so simply.

God grant us your precious favor as we obey,
And thanks for your loving mercy along this way.

~Kelly Irvin

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