Grace and Losing Weight

September 27, 2014

I was in a failing battle to lose weight for many years. I’d take one step forward and ten steps backward. I just couldn’t figure out how to lose weight and keep it off. I’d start a weight loss program and then overeat and give up for days or weeks or months and then try again, overeat, and give up again.

After I was baptized in June 2006, I started asking God for help to get healthier as I realized my weight was starting to really hurt me, My blood work showed I had kidney damage and my doctor told me it would only get worse if I didn’t lose weight.

I started to realize that I was under grace, and amazingly that helped me to start losing weight. What changed was that when I started my weight loss or my ‘get healthy’ campaign and I messed up; I forgave myself right away and realized “All is not lost” and “Go and sin no more”. I realized I didn’t have to wait a day or a week or months to start fresh. God had forgiven me for failing — so I could start fresh immediately after overeating. I no longer wait even an hour to start fresh. Sometimes I don’t wait even a minute to start fresh. I have my ‘get-healthy’ program, but if I overeat or eat things I know I shouldn’t, I immediately forgive myself and start the war again.

I’ve lost 60 pounds since 2006. Maybe that’s not a lot for this many years, but for many years while I was beating myself up and calling myself a loser and weak and worthless because I couldn’t stay on a program, I gained ten pounds a year most years.

I believe we need to realize we are under grace in all areas of our lives. As we strive to obey God, but fail at times, we need to ask God to forgive us, and we should forgive ourselves; start fresh that very minute. If we aren’t doing that, are we REALLY in a war against sin?

We can’t say, “I’ll fight this sin tomorrow or next week or next month.” Our war is HERE, NOW.

If we have lied or committed adultery or have stolen or used God’s name in vain or any other sin, would we wait for hours or days or weeks to ask for forgiveness, forgive ourselves and start the battle over?

Our growth, I believe, is in the tiny baby steps we take each day.

WE ARE UNDER GRACE. Ask for God’s forgiveness. Forgive yourself and get into the war NOW against all kinds of sin including overeating, gluttony, or bad eating habits. Don’t wait for minutes or hours or days to pass before you get back into the battle. DO IT NOW!

~Mary Jo Jackson

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